July 1 – 12, 2020

Step 1: Donate

  • We suggest a £5 donation to Macmillan Cancer Support, but feel free to raise as much as you can through fundraising.

Step 2: Record

  • Carry out all 3 legs of the triathlon throughout the week (run + ride + 15 minute activity of your choice) making sure to record them on Strava if you can
  • Upload them to us by clicking the Strava link below
  • Or email them to us at info@winchesterppp.co.uk

Step 3: Share

  • Send us photos and videos of you carrying out your triathlon and we’ll post them on our Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Challenge your friends and spread the word

Facebook Twitter


*THE VIRTUAL PEDAL PADDLE PACE 1-12 JULY ENTRY WINDOW OPENS TODAY* 1 - Donate 2 - Record on Strava & Upload 3 - Share footage of your 3rd leg on FB Twitter Insta @macmillancancer @ForrestersIP #vPPP2020 #Winchester #Triathlon More details here = buff.ly/31odz3Q pic.twitter.com/daBK3p5lfb

The #Winchester @macmillancancer #vPPP2020 fun #triathlon * OPENS TODAY!! *. Familiarise yourself with the entry instructions here and get moving - buff.ly/31cvSZD

The #Winchester @macmillancancer #vPPP2020 fun #triathlon activity window opens tomorrow. Entry instructions here - buff.ly/31cvSZD. No registration required, just Donate - Record - Share pic.twitter.com/j5eWrpbm8b

2 days til the @macmillancancer #vPPP2020 window opens Familiarise yourself with the entry instructions here so you're ready to roll from the 1st July - buff.ly/31cvSZD pic.twitter.com/0MFP6jGBfE

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