July 14 2019, Winchester

Full 2019 results here.

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Breaking news from @TheQueenInn We'll be back again for the #Winchester @MacmillanSouth #PPP202 on 12 July 2020. Always looking for new committee members so let us know if you'd like to join the PPP team. pic.twitter.com/f2lM6S1pGH

@WinchCanoe helped us out at the #ppp2019 by supplying 3 water marshals. Roger from @Ski2inChampoluc donated a great spot prize for a great fundraiser and longtime @macmillancancer supporter, @Import_Services pic.twitter.com/mkmYQuS3Kg

More thanks, to @cruisercru for keeping us caffeinated, Sammy and her team from @BellStCross for the BBQ and Kevin@ForestScoops.co.uk for keeping us cool at the @macmillancancer #PPP2019 pic.twitter.com/G2l6GRAuUH

The amazing @LiquidLogistics and @NewForestActivi help us out with kayaks storage, transport, coaching and water safety for the @macmillancancer #PPP every year. Thanks guys! pic.twitter.com/5pFC1znnQP

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